Elle Alexandra paints Malena Morgan

In this short – but very sweet – video, Elle Alexandra is a painter who’s painting her best friend, and real life partner, Malena Morgan. The sight of Malena being totally nude was too much for her and she decided to leave the painting and try some girl girl sex. This clip is very sensual…

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Elle Alexandra visits the Fortune Teller

This time the lovely redhead Elle Alexandra visits the future teller. She said she sees a lot of sex in her future. Fortunately for Elle (who is a real lesbian). After a while of chatting, Aiden (the fortune teller) casts a spell on her client and hypnotised her so she was open for everything. See what happened next:

All I can say is that she shouldn’t use any tricks on Elle – she’s a dyke anyway !
If you wanna watch full version, here it is

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Elle Alexandra spreading in the Kitchen

Some guys like tanned, busty chicks and some prefer them pale and flat. If you’re in the second group then Elle Alexandra is surely your type of girl, but you probably already know her very well. In case you heard some rumours that she’s a lesbian – they are not rumours, it’s true that she’s into girls. She likes to have her shaved pussy eaten but she also loves to lick it. This time she’s all alone spreading in the kitchen. Watch the video here

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Elle Alexandra takes a bath with Capri

When it comes to lesbian porn, ms. Elle Alexandra is truly the queen! She’s starring in girl girl movies all the time and she picks only the hottest girls to dyke out with. This time it is Capri Anderson, they’re both having a warm bubble bath. Of course they’re not just “bathing” check out the clip for some high quality erotica.

The vid comes from this website in case you want to see full version.

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Elle Alexandra in “High Rise” with Jessa

So there are to extremely attractive ladies in one room. One of them is blonde, her name is Jessa. The other one is redhead and you know her very well, yes it’s Elle Alexandra. Jessa’s sitting on a recliner and masturbating, when Elle notices it she immediately joins the fun and after a while both girls are passionately licking each others pussies.

Now go ahead and watch the hd video from this shoot

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Elle Alexandra is walking down the Stairs

The clip starts with Elle walking down the stairs wearing sexy plum lingerie. I always liked her hair and in this vid – I LOVE them, long, shiny and…RED! Though this clip is only 2 minutes long it oozes erotic tension. I had to cut it like this because she was doing more kinky stuff that DailyMotion doesn’t allow. If you wish to see the full HD version:

Click here to watch the entire video


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Lesbian Threesome with Elle Alexandra

If you think lesbian vids with Elle Alexandra are cool , than how about a lesbian threesome?! That’s right this time it’s Elle plus the brown haired girl on her left and a sexy blonde on her right, all of them are constantly touching eachother’s naked bodies. Elle’s lying in the middle, she’s kissing with one girl for a while then, turns and continues with the second chick.

Grab the full lenght video here

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Elle Alexandra Trying on Various Clothes

Alright so this video is kinda unique, because it’s not an ordinary striptease clip, it’s more of a semi behind the scenes. The girl, Elle Alexandra is trying on various clothes to see in which of them she’s looking good. It’s hot to look at this sexy pornstar as she dresses up and undresses after a minute, each time showing off her tight pussy.

If you wish to see the full video, click here

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Molly Cavalli Kissing Elle Alexandra

Let me write a few words about the vid I just uploaded. It starts with Molly Cavalli and Elle Alexandra sitting in the bed and there’s a bunch of dildos spread all across it. They’re talking for a while, giggling for a bit and the action begins. At first they start kissing eachother, then Elle removes her black top and Molly her blue one, their pants are also gone and the action gets more crazy…that’s where the clip ends.

See the whole video inside this website

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Elle Alexandra in Green Lingerie for Ron Harris

If you ever wondered how does a Ron Harris photoshoot looks like, I’m here to help! I’ve uploaded a teaser video of the gorgeous fox Elle Alexandra posing in bright green lingerie (and even showing off one boob) during the shoot. She’s a hot cheerful girl who loves getting naked in front of the camera, she knows exactly what to do to show the most of her sex-appeal.

See the photos as well as the full video clip here

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